Corporate mission

NWS is committed to both its traditional past and the future. We have been successfully manufacturing quality tools "made in Germany" since 1973 and marketing them at home and worldwide.


Customers and suppliers

We work closely with our customers and suppliers as partners with a view to ensuring mutual, fair, successful business relations. We acknowledge a customer's wishes and focus our efforts on complying with them while treating the customer as we would expect to be treated by others.



We respect people and treat our highly motivated staff with the trust and appreciation they deserve. We are fully aware of the interdependencies of qualifications, motivation and corporate success. We encourage and expect corresponding performance, and support vocational and further training through workshops and the dissemination of information.


Quality and innovation

Creativity and innovation are the foundation stones on which our future success is built – which is why we are proud to build on our employees' ideas to make our products and our image in the marketplace unmistakable. Thanks to direct contact with our customers, we are aware of their needs and are able to respond by providing products and services of the highest standard.



We aim for perfection in every organisational unit of the company. Our quality management system (QMS) is a keystone in our continuous improvement philosophy. Our activities are guided by the idea that nothing is so good that it can't be improved upon.



We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and everything we come into contact with. We aim to shape our surroundings and improve our environment.


Think & act for the long-term future

We aim to consolidate and expand our position in the marketplace to secure our jobs, and this has been our traditional approach to thinking before we act for the best possible long-term results. This is how we guide our decision-making process and make our investments.