Quality management

Quality, safety and environment-consciousness action set new standards. These requirements are the focus of our development for the new millennium.

The quality of our products and services have established our reputation and competences on the tool market. We want to keep this competence and further develop our production process, including high-qualtiy standards - for the benefit of our customers.

For us, quality is essential. For our efforts in quality control we have obtained the prestigious Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001. Thus we are obliged to keep working on permant improvements and innovations and this sets standards for our quality policy.

Innovation is not only a technical term, but we want it to be reflected in all areas of our work: in organisation, structure, and responsibility, just as in the contacts between our employees and customers, reflecting society.

In order to show this to the people, NWS as a brand will get a new, modern and innovative face. We will demonstrate that it is possible to keep up with progress and development even for a company like ours, looking back at over 40-year-tradition. We will participate in shaping the future.

“Expect the best” - this is our slogan.