NWS tools are top-developed and will be continuously innovated.
In order to transmit the innovations and advantages of our tools to our customers we offer courses of instruction in our training centres in Solingen and Thuringia. The continuing education of your beginners, marketing employees or representatives is an essential component of the cooperation with us.
Moreover, the personal contact between the NWS-team and our customers is fundamental for a successful business partnership.
For your purposes you may select from the range of various courses offered by us, and we will offer you an individual and optimal training programme.
Use our offer and find out about the new production and marketing of our NWS tools. The knowledge will be helpful for you and your customers. Meet the challenge and us!

Further education is the basis for our work and the progress of our employees. It increases motivation and quality consciousness on the job. It is essential for the guaranteed quality of our company, and therefore this education and qualification is one of the focal points of our management. In order to achieve the best possible qualification, flexibility and motivation of all employees, our education programmes and training courses will be permanently on offer.