One team, one objective

Proximity to the customer, team spirit, passion, character


It's easy to see what counts: the best possible solutions for distributors and the trades. This is why we pool our efforts at NWS – throughout all the departments and hierarchical levels, with no ifs or buts. As players in a team, we do not hesitate to roll up our sleeves for our customers, get involved and find answers – especially when things get complicated. We all share this passion to find solutions. This is what makes us a high-performance partner for the customers, markets and industries we serve.


A dedicated approach in the service of our customers

In every context, we spare no effort to ensure jointly that our customers' experience with NWS is satisfactory in every respect. Our After-Sales Service staff personally accompany every issue to its optimum solution. The Logistics experts keep the wheels moving to solve even the most complex tasks quickly and reliably. And in our Development and Production sections, we are not satisfied until the results of our efforts correspond perfectly with the requirements. After all, that's what makes us what we are.


Expect the best – and get it!

Tradition, perfection, made in Germany, future

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