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    Finished Parts

Today's engineering, tools for tomorrow

Innovation, high-tech engineering, technical capabilities, the voice of the customer


Making the best possible tools is our passion. We will set all the wheels in motion to that end. First, we talk to distributors and the trades to find out what they really need. Based on their input and ideas, our experts and the technology centre in Rohr-Kloster then develop the tools we are aiming for. The results are easily seen – in many patents and in the hands of our end users.


Ready to innovate

In order to secure our innovative strengths, we invest in state-of-the-art development and production processes. Our prototypes, for example, are generated by 3D printing techniques. This accelerates the development process and shortens optimisation loops to produce the final, market-ready, tool.


You will find us where you need us.

Partnerships, support, loyal distributors

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