Responsible for the development of all NWS-products is our factory in Thuringia, but still the NWS-team in Solingen is always involved in important decisions and projects.

NWS is continuously increasing cooperation with partners in Europe and the whole world, and is always working on new models. Here we make use of modern technical constructions and the developments of CAD-tools, always furthering environment-friendly production processes.

The qualified and innovative NWS-team safeguards the future of our company.

The priority of quality control is to make customers satisfied.
In order to guarantee the quality right from the beginning, the company NWS invests great emphasis on the planning, development and manufacturing process. Because 80% of the costs of faults are caused in the construction phase, the avoidance of errors is main point of our quality work. The requirements of quality are based on international rules and norms. The products are regulary tested and, if necessary, rectified - this guarantees constant quality.

Here we work together with our customers in order to improve the contacts between customers and suppliers.