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Perfected to suit the market

Experience of the industry, proximity to the market, electrical, sanitary installations, automotive


There are many good tools available; we make perfect ones. To make sure we continue to do just that, we have been keeping a close watch on the electrical, sanitary and automotive trades for four decades. We don’t only watch, we also listen – to our distributors, skilled workers and companies. This gives us the capability to recognise new demands in the various trades, and predict and solve users' problems.


Proximity to the trades provides impetus

Our understanding of the trades allows us to develop innovations that fit the bill in the daily work environment by combining functionality, quality and design. Take, for example, our SoftGripp 3K multi-component sleeves that provide strain-free working or the SystemClip for securing tools when working high up.


One team, one objective

Proximity to the customer, team spirit, passion, character

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